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FX27P-60CNC Cylindrical Grinder (with robot unit)

1. Workbench maximum length: 600mm

2. Maximum grinding diameter: 270mm

3. Grinding wheel speed: 1650 rpm

4. Grinding wheel size (diameter × width × aperture): Φ510 × 50 × Φ127mm

5.Robot lifting capacity:10 kg

6.Max workpiece mass:5 kg

7.Beam (X-axis) material:Steel beam

8.Beam (X-axis) guide:Roller guide

9.Beam (X-axis) transmission:Timing belt

10.Beam (Y axis) material:Steel beam

11.Beam (Y axis) guide:Roller guide

12.Beam Y-axis transmission:Timing belt

13.X axis moving speed:120m/min

14.X-axis acceleration:0.8g

15.Y axis moving speed:80m/min

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Why did you choose Hotman?
  • fully reinforced
  • Quality Assurance
  • Best-selling Whole country
  • Care-free service
  • Leading company size and industry qualification

    Strong guarantee of product quality

    1. 18 years focus on high-precision digital grinder research and development, production and sales;

    2. Two major manufacturing bases in China, with a total of 50,000 square meters of production workshops;

    3. Winning the National High-tech Enterprise, with 20 utility model patents and design patents;

    4. Projected output in 2020 is 2 500 units, and estimated output value in 2020 is 700 million units.

  • Introducing Foreign Advanced Technology and Accessories

    Strong guarantee of product quality

    The core parts are NSK, IKO of Japan, GMN of Germany, Siemens, Taida of Taiwan, Dongyuan Motor, etc.

    Many people's R&D team constantly improve and develop new grinder equipment; there are 9 series of grinders under its flag, with complete grinder varieties and specifications. Quality is in the leading position in the industry.

    Systematically provide personalized grinding, automatic production line solutions.

  • Long-term service to well-known brand customers

    Have a good reputation in the industry

    It has been applied to more than 5000 well-known enterprises in die parts, tungsten steel precision cutting tools, medical devices, optical fiber electronics, aerospace and other fields.

    There are 18 direct selling business centers in China, reaching 8-hour business circle.

  • Full coverage before, during and after sale

    Quick Response to Customer Requirements

    After the equipment has passed the acceptance test, it will be guaranteed within one year.

    Free dispatch of personnel for equipment operation debugging and grinding wheel replacement, hydraulic circuit maintenance, oil seal replacement, normal maintenance of electrical components, operation safety standards, basic knowledge of operation, basic fault judgment technical training.

    The company has more than 10 offices throughout the country. Equipment failure complaint, dispatch people to the scene within 48 hours, and give a clear solution and time according to the fault situation.

  • Enter Houtman
    Focus on the production of high precision digital grinders for 16 years to produce products beneficial to world progress
    Guangdong Hotman Digital Machine Co., Ltd.

    Guangdong Hotman Digital Machine Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003.Specializing in the development and manufacture of hardware machinery.

    Excellent manufacturing technology and high production efficiency,those make our company become a rising star of hardware machinery industry.

    At present, the quality of our company has become one of the best of this area and is committed to building a leading brand in China's hardware machinery manufacturing industry.

    As a basic industry,Hotman are dedicated to providing the industry with the best machining equipment at the most ideal price, With its ability to enhance the overall industry quality,to let China's mechanical equipment, mold parts, machinery processing industry to surpass the rest of the world.


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