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Development History


Established Dongguan Fuxincheng Hardware Machinery Co., Ltd. And established the first R&D and production base in Dongguan, Guangdong Province. 

At the beginning of its establishment, we successfully developed the FX-01-08SP series of grinders(grinding machines), which fills the gap of independent research and production of traditional machinery and equipment by private enterprises in China. So far, the company has sold more than 6,000 units worldwide. 


Successfully developed the FX-125 high-precision centerless grinding machine and it is the first truly high-precision centerless grinding machine in China.


Developed and produced FX27-55CNC CNC cylindrical grinding machine,For the first time, automation and intellectualization of traditional machinery and equipment are realized.

The FX-01 precision micro-outer grinder and FX-025P precision micro-inner grinder are exported to Malaysia and established an office there. Which is successfully opening the international market.


Researched, developed and produced of IG15 and OD15 high-precision three jaw automatic internal and external diameter grinding machine.

In the same year, CG15 high precision grinding machine was introduced, forming a series of CNC(Computerized Numerical Control) products with high precision and intelligence as the core characteristics.

Established Dongguan Hotman Hardware Technology Co., Ltd. and the original Fuxincheng Hardware Machinery Co., Ltd. merged with the new company in 2010.


We successfully developed and manufactured high-precision centerless grinder for hydrostatic guideway and hydrostatic spindle.

It is another major technological breakthrough in China's grinder area.

In the same year, the FX32P-100CNC high precision cylindrical grinder was introduced based on this technology. The first FX-125 high precision centerless grinder was exported to Thailand, and a Thai office was established to continue to expand international business.


Researched and producted Fx.18CNC multi-axis CNC centerless grinder, Truly realize automatic pipelining and high efficiency machining, meanwhile completing FX-20S/24S series Centerless Grinder research and development and production, and launched China's first independently designed H-series precision differential grinder, has made great contributions to China's cutting tool industry equipment. In the same year, Hotman invested in the construction of cement highway around Fuxincheng Primary School in Gushi County, Henan Province, with a construction mileage of 5 km.


R & D and production of high-precision surface grinder, gantry surface grinder, FX20p-50CNC and FX25A-50CNC straight forward, oblique-entry CNC cylindrical grinding machine, further improving the market demand-oriented product line;

Established the “Five Guaranteed Households Poverty Alleviation Fund” in Gushi County, Henan Province to support local poverty alleviation.


Developed and produced CG45 high-precision composite grinding machine, which completed the automatic rotation of the working head, and launched the H3 high-precision walking-type step grinding machine in the same year, which has become the first automatic-type segment grinder in China.


Hotman passed the GB/T19001-2008/ISO 9001:2008 quality system certification; GB/T24001-2004/ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification; GB/T28001-2011/OHSAS 18001-2007 occupational health and safety management system certification; 

Officially became the director of Dongguan Hardware Machinery Mould Industry Association and has been awarded the title of employee satisfaction for ten consecutive years.


Successfully developed and produced high-precision CNC lathes to achieve further development of the company's product line.


In order to cooperate with the "Made in China 2025" national manufacturing development strategy and seize the historic opportunity of China's manufacturing transformation and upgrading, combined with the company's business development status,we changed the company’s name from “Dongguan Hartmann Hardware Technology Co., Ltd.” to “Guangdong Hotman Intelligent Machine Co., Ltd.”.

We also plans to invest 100 million yuan to prepare for the construction of a new production base in Guangdong. Meanwhile the company has increased investment in production environment, operation management, technology research and development, etc., supporting our companyto complete historical breakthrough of the grinding machine series from "high precision" to "ultra precision".


In order to meet the rapid increasing trend of market size,Guangdong R&D base was moved from Chang'an Town to Houjie Town of Dongguan City and the area of the factory was doubled. The assembly capacity of the new factory can meet the annual output value of 300 million RMB.


Hotman has become a national high-tech enterprise.

The first project in Dongguan has been approved, and the technical and practical value of our products is at the leading level in China.

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