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Technical Support

Dear Hotman's customers

Hotman has a total of ten series of precision grinding machines, providing individualized grinding and automated production line solutions. In addition, we provide a full range of efficient, reliable and customer-friendly customer care services.

Our service projects

Our equipment will work reliably to meet the needs of our customers. From project start-up to "machine tool modify" or "machine tool upgrades“, Hotman's highly experienced service team will serve you throughout the life of the machine.

• We respond quickly and provide you with timely technical support.

• We help you increase your productivity.

• We provide professional solutions to solve your problems.

Project begin

Our installation and commissioning service team will ensure that your machine is successfully put into operation in time.

Installation and commissioning

When commissioning your machine, we will thoroughly verify all functions and integrate the options and accessories as needed, and guide you to the proper installation of water, electricity and gas. We will provide training and guidance to your operators. And will consider your special needs, and can also grind a workpiece specified by you according to your requirements, and test one by one according to the technical agreement. Make sure the machine is ready for production.

What you can benefit from it

• Successfully start production

• Leading professional basics

• Trained staff

Parts Support

Our spare parts supply system is ready to meet all your machine needs.

Spare parts

We have enough original accessories for you in the warehouse, and the spare parts team is responsible for checking and sending the accessories you need. These accessories are in line with the quality standards of Fuxincheng. Even if your grinding machine is old, we will meet your parts ordering requirements. For the replacement of key components, we will provide on-site installation and commissioning services.

What you can benefit from it

• Quickly and flexibly respond to your needs

• Original accessories ensure mating accuracy and process reliability

• Maintain high precision of the machine

Exchange piece

We choose certain accessories as an exchange: after the parts are exchanged, we will get professional repairs in our overhaul department and then re-enter the sales. You can choose to order new accessories or cheaper exchanges, and we also offer a comprehensive warranty.

You can benefit from it

• Lower cost of purchasing exchanges

• Quickly provide solutions

• High precision machine tools are maintained

• The accuracy of the exchange will be guaranteed


From dressing tools to measuring probes, we have a full range of accessories to choose from to solve your worries.

What you can benefit from it

• Meet the individual needs of your machine

• Accessories have unmatched precision

Preventive service

It is equipped with the "Machine Maintenance Manual", which aims to provide preventive maintenance guidance, avoid machine failure and maintain good working condition and stable precision of the machine, and will extend the service life of your machine.

Grinding machine inspection

We will use tools to check your key parts of the grinders, our service technicians will provide a detailed checklist, and then evaluate them item by item with you, along with a future grinder maintenance proposal. This way, you can have a clear understanding of the condition of the grinding machine.

What you can benefit from it

• Find problems early

• Make service work better planable

• Reduce the Downtime rate and make the grinding machine work properly

Skill improvement

Our professional training improves the skills of your staff and ensures that your machine is used efficiently.

Technical Training

We offer you a personalized customer training service, which is carried out on-site at the machine side of your factory. Our training courses include routine grinding, operation and programming, and special courses. After putting into use, the intimate customer service partner will provide you with any relevant technical guidance in time.

What you can benefit from it

• Learning operating procedures based on actual conditions

• Professionally trained and motivated employees

• More efficient work

• Reduce the risk of machine failure due to incorrect operation

Production support

We will support your technicians and machine operators in the on-site production process. We are happy to advise you on process and production cycle optimization or special Operating procedures (such as testing the control system, new work piece or grinding wheels assembly). The focus of technical support and the length of service are up to you.

What you can benefit from it

• Increase your company’s proprietary skills

• Our experts will support your production team

• Increase productivity

Solve the problem at the forefront

• Precision inspection instrument

• Implement comprehensive quality control

The machinery that provides the best performance is the consistent belief.of “Hotman”. The quality of manufacturing process of each “Hotman” grinding machine is fully controlled, and the machine must undergo rigorous performance testing before leaving the factory. “Hotman” quality control department has a number of precision test instruments, the professional quality management staff will inspect parts and machine.

Precision spindle

The main shaft of the grinding wheel is the front part 4 and back part 2 bearing structure. The linear speed can be adjusted from 35m/s to 60m / s with the frequency converter installed. It has a great efficiency in grinding ultra-hard parts such as tungsten steel and ceramics.

Guide rail

The guide rail contact surface diameter is precision hand shovel, and the lubrication system reduces metal friction to ensure high precision and axial movement wear resistance. With a lubrication system with independent time control, the bed friction coefficient is minimized.

New design concept of machine structure

The frame structure is made of Meehanite cast iron and has a low center of gravity design. With the latest finite element computer-aided analysis, the rigid design is above 108N / m, and the lowest natural frequency is designed above 150Hz. This outstanding structural design makes the machine fully shock-proof and shock-absorbing, ensuring its high rigidity and maximum damping performance, thus extending the life of the machine.

Operating plate displacement and feed mode

• The left and right displacement of the operating plate and the grinding wheel head are all manually operated.

• The operating plate is driven by the oil pressure, and the grinding wheel head is fed manually.

• The operating plate is driven by the oil pressure, the grinding wheel head is fast forwarded and fast-returned, and the feed is manually operated.

• The operating plate is driven by the hydraulic pressure, the grinding wheel head is fast forwarded and fast-returned, and the feed is automatically operated.

• Install automatic positioning device.

Guide rail

V and flat guide rail combined design, make sure the machine run stable. 

C3 ball screw

Due to the static pressure lubrication, the frictional interaction can be reduced, and the rigidity and positioning accuracy can be increased. The minimum feed is within 1micron meter. (CNC model)

Hand shovel

The rail contact surface is protected by precision hand shovel and the lubricating oil system reduces metal friction to ensure high precision and axial movement.

Spindle head (special accessories)

Three-jaw chucks can be installed and can be used with different fixtures to facilitate the grinding of different tools. The spindle has a centering and simultaneous compound function, allowing the user to perform fast conversions in the centering and three-jaw clamping.

Roller grinding wheel corrector(CNC Series Optional)

High precision traditional cylindrical grinding machine, hydraulic semi-automatic

A, straight grinding

In small production, the automatic feed is combined with the non-sparking timer for good grinding quality. In the case of mass production, the automatic outer diameter measuring device (special accessory) is installed to provide the best output and grinding effect (CNC model)

B, cross-grinding

The automatic intermittent feed and hydraulically driven table allow the workpiece to be effectively ground.

C, face grinding

Remove the rotating cover of the working spindle head and replace it with a three-jaw or four-jaw chuck. Change the position of the positioning tip to rotate the chuck and fix it at 90 degrees for end grinding.

D, shoulder grinding

When the outer diameter of the workpiece and its shoulder need to be finished once, the workpiece is supported by two centerings and the grinding wheel is modified to the right of the grinding wheel head and rotated at an angle to grind.

E, slope grinding

The work object can be supported by the chuck or the two centerings, and the work bench and the grinding wheel head can be rotated and adjusted easily

F, inner diameter grinding

Grinding the inner diameter of the inner diameter grinding attachment (special accessory), as long as the inner diameter grinding spindle is pulled down and fixed in the grinding position, it can be ground.

Specially designed grinding wheel spindle

The line speed can be adjusted from 35m/s to 60m/s in the case of adding a frequency converter. It has a great efficiency in grinding ultra-hard parts such as tungsten steel and ceramics.

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