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Xin Yang Factory Groundbreaking Ceremony Hotman Second Production Base Source:   date:2019-8-17 21:05:37   Pageview:[news:visits]

As a part of the 100-year strategy, the dream of “a world-class, high-end equipment century enterprise”, Guangdong Hauteman Digital Machine Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Hotman”) conforms to “China Manufacturing 2025” the opportunity of the transformation and upgrading of China Manufacturing. Hotman is establish a second production base. In order to give back to his hometown, President Zeng Jun decided to set up the second production base in the beautiful Xinyang City.

On December 29, 2018, 9:00 am "Hotman" Xinyang plant foundation stone ceremony officially began. Mr. Zeng Jun the President of Hotman, Mr. Zeng Chuikun the general manager and the guests attended. And thanks to the district party secretary Li’s attendence and his speach. Here Hotman thank all the staff, who work very hard for many years in our company. 

“Teach a man how to fish is better than give him a fish” We will transform Xinyang Factory into an ultra-high-precision equipment base with international level and cultivate more high-end talents with high skills.

The Xin Yang local government thank Hotman for their second factory has settled in here. This is a response of governments policies, to develop the tax source economy, encourage outstanding entrepreneurs to return to their hometowns and get the result of moving towards technological progress and innovation.

We have dreams, we dare to create! The "Hotman" will use their dexterous hands to draw a grand blueprint to jointly create a better future, and make "Hotman" a high-end grinding machine brand with world influence!

Customers can accurately obtain the full range of "Hotman" products information through the window.

● Machine tool parts and consumables are sold through transparent and uniform price, and the process is more concise and standardized.

● After-sales service for value-added services, we will respond quickly by scanning the code into the APP channel for repair. 

● Resources expansion and sharing, not only the release of Hotman's products and services, but also registered users can publish their own products and demand information.

● "Hotman" is a product system that optimizes the industry's ecological chain. Hotman can also integrate other company's supporting and extended products for release.

2019-2021 is the key three-year plan for the company's listing. The company has deployed IPOs in various aspects, including R&D, sales and production as the core of the entire deployment.

● In the future, the company's production capacity will expand, sales orders will be the initiators of R&D and production, and the construction of business teams will increase sales volume as the primary problem.

● In the process of developing new products, it is not only necessary to solve the current problems, but also to improve from the root causes.

● As a production site manager, how to coordinate the team to achieve the intended goals, control the quality of the machine tool and the assembly process is the core of the company's production.

We maintain the company's interests with the spirit of ownership, keep up with the company's development pace, and keep pace with the company's decision-making goals, and realize its own life value in the growing platform of Hotman!

Obvious progress

● The machine design is continuously improved and optimized, and new projects are constantly challenged. The R&D plan is steadily advanced.

● Standardize PMC, material supply is more timely, from planned order to delivery cycle is shorter.

● The sales service system is optimized, the communication between departments are smoother, and after the service order is issued, the customer will receive accurate, agile and efficient services. We also receive excellent service in terms of returning, scrapping, consumables, spare parts, and installation.

● Strictly based on the work instructions for assembly operations, greatly improving the consistency of the various indicators of the machine, making each of our equipment reliable.

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