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Forward News: Shanghai Zhongyu and Guangdong Hotman held a signing ceremony Source:   date:2019-8-17 9:42:30   Pageview:[news:visits]

On the afternoon of April 18, Shanghai Zhongyu Diamond Industry Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Hotman Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd. held a signing ceremony. Tian Yu, Chairman of Shanghai Zhongyu Board, and Zeng Jun, President of Guangdong Hotman attended and gave interviews to reporters.


President Tian Yu introduced the reason and process of cooperation between Shanghai Zhongyu and Guangdong Hotman. Shanghai Zhongyu has been using Guangdong Hautman's CG45 composite grinder since August, 2018. Because the original CG45 standard composite grinder does not match some parts of Zhongyu grinding wheel, the two CG45 are specially customized according to Zhongyu's requirements. So far, there are no complaints about the use of the equipment, and the effect is very ideal. 。 And in some details, especially the protection of the guide rail, etc. are very well done. The grinding wheel of CG45 compound grinder is clamped once. The inner circle, outer circle, end face and inclined surface can be processed in one time. Because only one clamping and no repetitive clamping error are needed, the grinding wheel precision of Zhongyu production has stepped up to a new level; moreover, when the inner and outer circles are processed on a manual grinder, the processed parts need to be removed, and the end faces are grinded by a round table, and the inclined surfaces are grinded by tools. The production efficiency has been greatly improved after CG45 is adopted. High. Zhongyu saw the advantages and advantages of CNC machine tools from the previous two CG45, so it once again cooperated with Guangdong Houtman to design the CG50 brand for Zhongyu. This time, Zhongyu purchased 6 CG50 at one time. By the end of 2019, the company will end the history of manual grinders, all of which are CNC grinders.


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