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What are the common grinding methods for centerless grinders in China? Source:   date:2019-8-17 10:04:10   Pageview:[news:visits]

There are four kinds of centerless grinding methods:

1. Thrufeed method

2. Feed method

3. Endfe method

4. Taangential feed method

The third method is to make two grinding wheels into cones. Both grinding wheels and supporting cutters insert the workpiece from one end of the grinding wheel to the stopper in a fixed state. This method is only suitable for the processing of conical surfaces. As for the fourth method, the clearance between grinding wheel and adjusting wheel is kept in a certain state to push the workpiece from the tangent direction of grinding wheel.

1. Pass-in grinding method.

This is a method of grinding a workpiece into two grinding wheels. At this time, the adjusting wheel is tilted to make use of its circumferential speed. At the same time, in order to guide the workpiece to the correct grinding position, four guide plates are placed before and after the supporting cutter plate. Since the inclination of the adjusting wheel is to make the workpiece contact with it in a linear way, attention should be paid to adjusting the wheel. The contact between the workpiece and the adjusting wheel can only be at one point when the adjusting wheel is tilted, so it must be corrected or drum-waisted, and the adjusting wheel correcting device must be tilted with its tilt.

This grinding method is only suitable for cylindrical workpieces and small diameter gradient objects, such as rods, rods, piston pins, needles, bearingretainers and pipes. In order to make grinding engineering lines by several grinding machines at the same time or to improve the efficiency of insertion, Barderfeeder and feeder are used. Partfeedr, Ring feeder and Hopper elevator.

2. Downward grinding method.

This is a method of inserting the workpiece from both ends or above of two grinding wheels into a certain position to stop, and then moving the adjusting wheel forward to grind. It is a radial tool feeding method, which is suitable for complex workpiece processing after conical shape. When inserting the workpiece, the workpiece is placed in the grinding position by multi-purpose machinery to keep the safety of the worker, while the worker only needs to do so. Place the workpiece on the connecting device.

In addition, insert grinding of workpiece, removal of workpiece, correction of measuring grinding wheel and adjusting wheel are mostly used nowadays. For the repair of grinding wheel wear, examples of automatic machine tools and workpieces are tapered rollers, rollers, engine valves, piston valve spokes (Spinder), crankshaft and rear acceleration box.

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