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Why is cylindrical grinder popular with the public? Source:   date:2019-8-17 10:06:11   Pageview:[news:visits]

Why is cylindrical grinder popular with the public?

Because it is widely used and has many characteristics. Cylindrical grinder is mainly used to grind cylindrical and conical inner and outer surface. It is suitable for processing single and small batches of parts in machine shop, tool shop and machine repair shop.

It can be widely used in the grinding of fine parts in East-West factories, bearing factories, air compressor factories and general machinery factories. There is a strong demand for grinding machine products in the domestic market, and the output value is far from satisfying, and the low-end is the main part.

In the process of operation, it has efficient control system and simple operation, such useful and sophisticated skills of grinder, good quality and high accuracy of CNC grinder, low investment and great operation economy.

The positioning accuracy and repetition accuracy of surface grinding are high, and it is easy to ensure the size consistency of parts. As long as the process design and procedure are reasonable, correct and meticulous to ensure the accuracy of parts, it is also convenient for the quality control process.

According to the material and shape of the workpiece, different clamping and positioning methods are adopted.

In grinding machine, the process tends to be centralized, and it is very important to use the same benchmark. It is convenient for the development and modification of new products.

Grinding machine generally does not need many complex technology and equipment, through the processing program can make complex shape and high precision parts processing. When the product is modified and the design is changed, as long as the program is changed, no design tools are needed. Therefore, the cylindrical grinder can greatly shorten the product development cycle, and provide a fast way for the development of new products and product improvement.

In NC programming, all points, lines, dimensions and positions are based on the origin of programming. Surface grinding is to be able to be clamped on multiple treated surfaces again, usually only testing first, so that you can save a lot of processing time of ordinary machine tools in the intermediate process. The quality of cylindrical grinder parts is stable, which brings convenience to the follow-up process and significantly improves the overall efficiency.

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