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Common problems and solutions of Centerless Grinding Machine, Hotman tells you one by one! Source:   date:2019-8-17 10:34:22   Pageview:[news:visits]

I. Scratches left on polished surfaces

Reasons: The hardness of the control panel is too high. The surface of the control panel is adhered to or fused with small pieces grinded to be debris or grinding wheel.

Countermeasure: Control plate should be changed into soft cooling water to infiltrate soluble cutting oil for a long time


(Hotman FX-18S Centerless Grinder)

2. Spiral traces of equal clearance

Reasons: encounter grinding wheel edge, poor adjustment of guide plate, high dressing speed, diamond breakage and wear, diamond holder looseness are the causes of spiral traces such as gap occurring in centerless grinder.

Countermeasure: The edge of the grinding wheel is tapered to make the guide plate parallel. Reduce dressing speed, reduce feed volume, change diamond contact surface or exchange diamond holder.

3. Equal or unequal clearance fine lines

Reasons: poor dressing and external vibration.

Countermeasure: start dressing from the edge of the grinding wheel, and keep the edge of vibration at dressing speed.

4. Deep and irregular traces

Cause: Relaxation of grinding wheel

Countermeasure: insert lining between cam and grinding wheel and stabilize it.

5. Vibration

Reasons: Relaxation of erection screw and unbalance of grinding wheel.

Countermeasure: Re-erecting the platform and balancing the load distribution.


Reasons: too high center, too large angle of supporting blade, too thin supporting blade, bad setting of supporting blade, bending of supporting blade, large grinding quantity, bad choice of grinding, bad roundness of grinding, slack of grinding wheel erection platform, slack of mandrel, external vibration.

Countermeasure: Reduce center height, reduce angle, increase thickness, retract clamping screw, modify supporting cutter plate, reduce the number of times of increase in grinding quantity, negotiate with grinding wheel manufacturer, try to adjust before and after balancing, lock screw equally, re-lock screw, adjust adjusting wheel spindle, re-lock retainer exchange diamond, isolate external vibration.

7. Not getting true roundness

Reasons: too low core height, too small angle of supporting cutter plate, grinding wheel hardness, grinding pressure, large amount of rough grinding, relaxation of adjusting wheel, insufficient cooling water (when grinding hollow objects), poor correction.

Countermeasure: Increase the center height, increase the angle, increase the propulsion speed, use sharp diamond to increase the correction speed, reduce the feed to do the first grinding at a large speed, re-lock the adjusting wheel spindle screw, add coolant at the good contact point, and re-correct.

8. High in the middle or low in the middle

Reason: The adjustment of the guide board is not good.

Countermeasure: Take good parallel guide plate, reduce the inclination of adjusting axle basket and increase the angle of adjusting wheel dressing device.

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