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Hotman's Daily Guidance: How to Solve the Vibration Problem in Surface Grinding Machine Processing? Source:   date:2019-8-17 10:37:01   Pageview:[news:visits]

In precision abrasive processing, the machine tool can not have any vibration, otherwise it will inevitably affect the accuracy of the product, so we use a surface grinder to do precision processing to find out how to do machine tool vibration, below to analyze the possible reasons.


First, the processing environment, precision surface grinder near the same work site is impossible to place such as punch, lathe and other vibration machine tools, easy to cause co-vibration, how to judge whether there is resonance? Stop the grinder and start the punch or lathe. If the hand touches the grinder and it vibrates or feels numb, it will affect the grinder. So it must be placed in separate workshops.

Second, check the ground, if the level of the machine tool foot screw is not adjusted, it will cause the resonance of the machine tool. Because sometimes the ground roughness of the processing site is not very good, it is necessary to adjust the level screw to make the machine tool reach a level height. By tightening the foot screw, all the foot screw is tightly attached to the ground.

Thirdly, if the vibration has not been eliminated after the above actions, we should check whether the ground floor is empty due to space, if the ground is terrazzo or paved floor is relatively solid, if it is cement ground, the ground is very empty and will cause resonance. How to deal with this situation? You can go to the rubber hardware store to buy a few black rubber pads, about 6-10 mm thick, 10 cm in size and a little larger size of the foot pad, loosen the foot screw, the rubber pad under the horizontal foot pad, you can play a great role in shock absorption.

Fourth, if the vibration has not been eliminated, we can try a new grinding wheel. If the flange has not been corrected by the effective balancing block, we can install the balancing block. If not, we can remove the balancing block and install it. If not, we can try a new flange. The general problem will be solved.

Fifth, if the above series of actions can not eliminate the vibration, it may not be the scope that you can deal with. It may be that the grinder spindle has spent a long time shaking itself, the bearing or motor inside is damaged, or the structure and assembly of the machine tool is problematic. At this time, the manufacturer should be informed to deal with it.

Precision parts processing needs to choose a good environment. The stability of machine tools has a direct impact on precision processing. I hope that the above analysis will be helpful to the bad problems of precision machine parts processed on grinders.

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