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Do you know how to deal with oil leakage of surface grinder? Hotman tells you! Source:   date:2019-8-17 10:38:20   Pageview:[news:visits]

Gold seepage of dust-proof plates at both ends of the table is usually caused by improper assembly of the surface grinder. The screw that fixes the gold of dust-proof plates pierces both ends of the guide rail and seeps oil directly from the guide rail. The solution is to wrap the screw of the surface grinder with the raw rubber tape and then put it in.


2. the oil volume adjustment is too large. After opening the oil tank cover, adjust the oil valve switch with a screwdriver, clockwise for small, conversely for large, the general oil volume control is to lock clockwise first and then rotate to adjust 1/4. Titanium Hao Machinery is the company's main products, which are rotary tip, screw, machine tool spindle, axis processing, high-precision tool handle, tool rod, elastic chuck, non-standard parts processing, machine tool connecting rod. The oil groove on the wear-resistant sheet of the guide surface grinder is not opened well, it is too shallow or not in place, and the oil can not escape from the side, it should be re-opened; the oil hole is blocked, the oil is forced out of the guide rail, the oil hole blocked is usually caused by too sticky or too dirty oil, change oil type or clean up the oil path, if the old surface grinder is usually too dirty guide rail. The oil pipeline is blocked. Clean up and change the oil.

3. Oil leakage of front and rear screw rods. If oil leakage occurs in a new surface grinder, the expansion sheath of the front and rear screw rods is not installed properly, the two ends of the screw are not locked or the sealant is not finished properly. If the old surface grinder is used, the screw sheath should be replaced and the sealant should be replaced.

Surface grinder can make daily necessities and use of items and abrasives, etc. For example: we often contact the computer above things, usually abrasives are used to surface grinder processing. So in a word, the function of surface grinder is to grind and process some die parts, and the die is produced by some common objects in our life. Therefore, our life can not be separated from the processing of dies, and the processing of dies can not be separated from the surface grinder.

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