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Three main factors of grinder vibration Source:   date:2019-8-17 10:39:53   Pageview:[news:visits]

The occurrence of grinder vibration is not accidental, so what are the three main reasons for this?

First, it is essential to check whether the ground is flat or not. If the level of the base screw of the machine tool is not adjusted properly, it will cause the resonance of the machine tool. Because sometimes the ground smoothness of the processing site is not very good, it is necessary to adjust the level screw to make the machine tool reach an uneven height. First of all, we need to check whether each screw of the ground foot is in place in the floor mat. Place the screw horizontally before and after the leveler. Lock the screw horizontally.


Secondly, if the above-mentioned actions are carried out, the vibration has not been eliminated. We should check whether the ground floor is empty due to space, if the ground is terrazzo or paved floor is relatively solid, and if the ground is cement, the ground is very empty and will cause resonance. How to deal with this situation? Go to the rubber hardware store to buy a few black rubber pads, about 6-10 mm thick, 10 cm in size and a little larger size of the floor mat, loosen the floor screw, the rubber pad under the horizontal floor mat, you can play a great role in shock absorption.

Thirdly, the factors that may occur. If we don't ask after the inspection, we have to check the grinder's abrasion and the fixed flange of the grinding wheel. First, grinding wheels, because of the uneven quality of grinding wheels on the market, there are generally two factors affecting the vibration of grinding wheels: one is the uneven grain size of grinding wheels, which causes vibration when the center of gravity is unstable when rotating; the other is that the inner hole is not standard. For example, our grinder flange aperture requirement is 31.75, and if the grinding wheel is 32, it will be mounted up and down and cause vibration.

When we buy grinding wheels, we must ask for specifications and suggest buying good quality grinding wheels. First, poor grinding wheel affects the processing effect; second, the process of grinding is fragile and dangerous; third, poor balance effect of grinding wheel will seriously affect the life of grinding machine spindle.

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